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Domain Name FAQs

Why should I register a domain name?

Your choice of a ‘domain name’ is the single most important step you’ll take in ‘branding’ your Internet presence. When you find a ‘good’ name that’s available, reserve it. Registering through us gives you the ability to manage your domain information 24/7 with Melbourne IT as your Registrar.

When I register a domain name, do I OWN it?

Yes and no. If a domain name is available and you register it, you have the right to ‘use it’ as long as your ‘license fee’ is paid. Except, however, as an example, even if WERE available and you REGISTERED it, you would still be liable to Coca Cola since ‘COKE’ is a registered trademark of Coca Cola. We do not give legal advice, nor are responsible for your use or misuse of a domain that MAY infringe on another company’s registered trademark. It’s up to you to investigate, if needed.

I just registered a name, but it still says ‘available’ in some ‘lookups’. Why?

The registration can be done in as little as 5 minutes and your name registered to you. However, the Shared Registration System, which provides access to the Registry for all .com, .net and .org domain names is updated every 12 hours and can take an additional 24 hours to be propagated throughout the Internet by NSI, the manager of this Registry. Though your name may say ‘available’, once registered, it’s yours. All other attempts to register the name will fail.

How do I ‘activate’ my domain once it’s registered so people can ‘see’ it?

For a domain to be ‘seen’ on the Net, it must first be ‘activated’ by a Hosting Company. They will assign you address for the domain. Once it’s propagated throughout the internet, it will be ‘seen’. Then, build a site.

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