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We started hosting websites from all over the world beginning in 1998 under We were also registering domain names, optimizing web sites with good SEO techniques, submitting websites to search engines, marketing through email and newsletters.

In 2007, after almost 10 years, we shifted our focus full time towards my other passion – the broadcasting industry – specializing in creating radio websites, implementing voiceover, sound, and video on websites, and performing radio shows. All this, while keeping our hosting customers up and running.

Since my first web site I designed back in 1994 for my radio show, my passion for the web continues to grow. It’s great satisfaction to see someone’s eyes light up when their idea comes to life in a website, and knowing I had something to do with it. It’s a fascinating world with unlimited potential!

At – 13 years later, I’m on a mission to help individuals connect with friends, while helping businesses connect to customers all over the world, through personalized attention to your needs with your website design and/or hosting.  Spread the word!

Thank you,

Greg McCollum